Biotechnology & Fermentation specialist, with a focus on Food Technology, Enzymology, Microbiology and Circular Economy

PhD in Industrial Biotechnology

Hi, I’m Silvia!

In the last 10 years as a researcher at university, technology specialist at a global food-tech company and CTO of an award-winning start-up, I have developed the food of the future, discovered unknown enzymes, found new bioplastic-producing bacteria in local rivers, isolated fungi in the Vietnamese forests, planned and built up an entire lab and biotech production facility from scratch, and taught and supervised upcoming scientists. I’ve won several personal prizes and grants, such as the Bonnier News Rising Stars in Tech award 2019 and the Sveriges Ingenjörer Miljöfonden grant.

I am passionate about finding new possibilities how biotechnology can create a way to a greener future. There is so much we can do with the microorganisms that are around us – from making delicious, healthy drinks to improving soil and water quality, from creating new materials, chemicals and pharmaceuticals to turning underused resources into something much more valuable.

Scientific thinking is in my blood. I thrive on creative problem solving and like setting up functioning systems. I appreciate and support collaborations, open data, communal and sustainable actions and clear communication.

I am never bored and endlessly fascinated by the world around us.

Let’s work together! mail@silviahuttner.com